Tip: Improve your Galaxy Note and S Pen Experience

Posted on Feb 7 2014 - 7:00pm by Brian

Many claimed the Galaxy Note was too big or novel to garner any kind of following, but here we are today, 3 years later and with one of the most popular Android devices on the market. Aside from being a rather large phone, the Galaxy Note sets itself apart with the integration of a Wacom digitizer and stylus, allowing pressure sensitive drawing input.

galxy note taking

Although it is very convenient to have a built in stylus, the space limitations due to the Note’s size restrict the ergonomics of the stylus considerably. Writing with the S-Pen is akin to holding a pint-sized chopstick—very uncomfortable. Luckily Samsung already had this in mind when developing the Galaxy S Pen and Holder Kit:

s pen holder

The s S Pen holder kit comes with a meaty, thick-barreled S Pen attachment as well as the normal S Pen itself. By unscrewing the holder, you can insert the S Pen into it, giving a nice and ergonomic stylus with full S Pen functionality.

If you are concerned that the S Pen is now too big, you can always leave the holder at your desk, or in a bag, while defaulting to the built-in S Pen when on the go. As one reviewer put it,

Pricey but worth it if you do a lot of longhand writing on your Note.

Pick yours up here!

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