MosaicAce Review

Posted on Jan 31 2014 - 6:54pm by Brian

Have you ever looked at a mosaic and pondered how much work and artistry is required to create one? Well thanks to the miracles of modern science and some clever app developers, you can create mesmerizing photo mosaics with your smartphones.

The developers of our favorite photography app CameraAce have been hard at work creating their latest wrinkle to the world of mobile photography with MosaicAce, a dedicated photo mosaic composer with integration into CameraAce.


The app is quite simple to use and follows a similar design language to CameraAce. From the main display, you will have the option to:

  1. Take a photo by tapping the camera icon
  2. Browse through your previously created mosaics
  3. Create a new mosaic with the MosaicAce button

This interface is easy to understand, especially if you’ve taken CameraAce for a spin. When you install MosaicAce, CameraAce will automatically create a new MosaicAce photography theme so you can start taking photos to use as tiles for your MosaicAce compositions.


Once you’ve decided to create a mosaic, the composer will allow you to choose any of your photos as the master mosaic image. Once you’ve chosen your photo, you can select which photos or folders will be used to create the tiles of the mosaic.


One of the coolest features of MosaicAce is how it displays the creation process in real time as it occurs. Here I chose a picture of a Rubiks cube on my desk, and within seconds, I was watching it transformed into a high resolution mosaic collage:


MosaicAce chugging away


Calculating the different areas of interest


Filling them in…


Almost done…

Once your mosaic has finished rendering, MosaicAce has a convenient mosaic viewer from which you can examine, save, share, delete, and make a before & after comparison.


Here is the final result of the mosaic that I created with all of the photos on my phone and it only took a few seconds!


You can pinch to zoom as with a regular photo in order to zoom in, or you can long-press to bring up the magnifier to enjoy close-ups of each and every photo that makes up your mosaic. With a Samsung S-Pen enabled device such as the Note 3 or Note 10.1, you can have 2 levels of enhanced zoom when viewing with the S-Pen.

Overall we found creating mosaics to be just about as fun as the end products themselves and that MosaicAce was a clean and functional application for creating beautiful mosaic collages. You can download MosaicAce for $1.99 in the Google Play Market or try CameraAce for free!


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