Get a keyboard on your Galaxy Gear with Fleksy

Posted on Jan 8 2014 - 3:56pm by Brian

Interacting with the Galaxy Gear via voice is convenient, but not always appropriate. To prevent having any awkward moments trying to talk into your wrist, why not just type on it? That’s right, Fleksy has gotten around to getting their keyboard on to the miniature display of the gear:


Although Samsung never included a native keyboard, the Galaxy Gear being an Android device allows you to run Android apps means Fleksy can run from your wrist with full functionality. The keyboard’s hallmark prediction feature works awesomely on the Galaxy Gear, which is very well suited to this ability. Even though it takes up most of the Gear’s display, this doesn’t hinder the typing process:

Fleksy activates when you click on any text input area and behaves as it would on a full size phone, but since there is no space bar, you advance to the next word by swiping to the right which works very well as can be seen in the video. If Fleksy’s suggested word is incorrect, you can swipe down to swap in a different word or swipe right to delete.

Should you want to try out Fleksy, you can download the APK from Google Play and sideload it onto your gear through ADB (no root or modification required). We wouldn’t be surprised if an official release eventually comes out in a Samsung market approved form but until then, try sideloading it and let us know how it goes.

Via The Verge

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