Tip: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 One Handed Usage Mode

Posted on Nov 14 2013 - 3:42pm by Brian

If you’ve used the Galaxy Note 3, you’re probably familiar with its beautiful display and blazing fast specs. You’ve also probably realized how large and unwieldy it can be, especially if you have smaller hands. It’s super annoying when you have to reach for something across the screen with your thumb but the meaty patch of skin below touches the screen first and sets off the wrong action.

iphone 5 note 3 size compariosn

No need to worry if the aforementioned situations concern you! Samsung has already thought this through and added a slough of features to help optimize one handed use through the “Enable one-handed operation” mode found in the settings.

1. One handed keyboard: this setting shrinks down the keyboard and allows users to position it adjacent to either corner of the phone. No more reaching with your thumb to hit the “A” key!

2. Windowed UI: This emulates having a smaller display by running a smaller windowed version of the UI—not the most elegant solution but definitely works in a pinch.

3. One handed calculator: If you use the calculator frequently, this feature positions the calculator similarly to the keyboard for one hand use.

4. One handed lock pattern: Samsung has made it easier to perform the task that arguably requires the most accessibility to the entire display real estate. The lock screen has been miniaturized for more accurate input.

Take a look at this video to get an overview of how these features can help you use the Galaxy Note 3 with one hand.

Via Pocket Lint

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