Samsung offers Galaxy S4 owners free replacements for defective batteries

Posted on Oct 22 2013 - 5:35pm by Brian

The Galaxy S4 has been Samsung’s most successful hardware endeavor yet but it seems like they have a significant issue of a magnitude that hasn’t been seen before. Apple has had its antenna-gate, now it looks like Samsung may be having a battery-gate of its own.

galaxy s4 battery replacement

Reports out of Germany have brought to Samsung’s attention that many of their S4 batteries (up to 30% of sales) have been draining unreasonably quickly and even becoming bloated, bulging the rear cover. Samsung, in a statement to Trusted Reviews, has acknowledge the issue saying:

“We are aware of this issue, which has affected a limited number of customers. We ask all affected customers to please visit their nearest Samsung Electronics service centre, where they can receive a replacement battery for free of charge. We remain committed to providing the best possible user experience for our customers.”

It’s great to see Samsung offer a quick public response with a proactive solution. It is strange however that this has occurred at all—Samsung has had an excellent track record with their OEM lithium-ion batteries across their vast range of devices. We don’t expect this to be a problem in the future, based on the very specific localization of this problem, it was probably just a bad batch and QA oversight at the factory.

Have any of you guys had issues with your S4 batteries or any Samsung battery? Let us know below!

Via The Guardian

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