Review: GPEL Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for the Samsung Galaxy Note II

Posted on Sep 20 2013 - 4:49pm by Brian

I’ve cracked the display of more phones than I’m willing to admit, which is why when I found out that there were glass screen protectors, I was quite excited. I’m quite persnickety about the feel of my smartphone’s display, that is to say that a cheap plastic screen protector is not going to cut it, especially for my Galaxy Note II.

The first (and last) glass screen protector I had was the SGP Glas (reviewed here) for the Samsung Galaxy S II. Upon receiving it I was quite impressed by its fit and finish. However, after 7 months of usage there were some clear limitations to this technology that would need to be remedied before I would buy one again.


In my updated review you will see how badly battered the screen protector became—to its credit though it admirably prevented any damage to the device’s screen. The main issue I had was cracking alon gthe edges of the protector which would then lead to larger hairline fractures. Additionally, the only area with adhesive backing is the outline seen in black on the protector. This meant there was a slight gap between the display and the protector which resulted in significantly reduced capacitive touch sensitivity which could be problematic for typing and gaming.

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 5.17.50 PM

The GPEL screen protector fixes both of these issues with flying colors. With its multicore laminated structure and beveled edges, the durability of the edges of the screen protector have been greatly increased. The screen protector adhesive now spans the entire base of the glass as well, so the sensitivity is left relatively un-dampened. This also makes for an easy, bubble free installation as shown in this video:

The design of the GPEL tempered glass screen protector allows for easy access to the home button as well as well as a clear opening for the proximity/light sensors and the front facing camera.


The screen protector measures 0.4mm thin, which is a good compromise between strength and thinness. We’ve found that overly thin glass screen protectors tend to crack easily and overly thick ones reduce sensitivity and tactility. In addition to the 93% light transmittance rate, the GPEL tempered glass is coated with an anti-fingerprint (oleophobic) coating so you won’t have to worry about losing your display’s clarity and acuity.


Overall, we would highly recommend using one of GPEL’s tempered glass screen protectors to safeguard your Galaxy Note II or S4, as they provide top notch display protection without giving up the unmatched tactile response of glass. We will have to perform another 7 month test to verify the durability of the product, but the improved design characteristics look very promising so far. Pick one up for yourself here.

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