The Galaxy Gear: Samsung for your wrist

Posted on Sep 5 2013 - 3:02pm by Brian

Industry analysts have been saying for the better part of a year that the next step in “Mobile” will be the watch. There was buzz about Apple entering the smart watch market but Samsung beat them to the punch with their new wrist-mounted Galaxy Gear.

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Unveiled yesterday at IFA Berlin 2013, it was unclear pre-launc whether the Samsung Galaxy Gear would be a wrist-mounted smartphone or a “smartwatch.” Semantics aside, we know that the Galaxy Gear promises a full days worth of use in terms of battery life—for us that could mean many things to many people, but generally we take manufacturer battery ratings with a grain of salt, so we wouldn’t be surprised it it barely got through a day of normal usage. On the plus side, it looks like charging should be pretty easy with the exposed charging contacts.


One reason the battery is not rated any longer than it could be is the usage of a gas guzzling Super AMOLED display as opposed to a gas sipping e-ink display like on the Pebble. Another down side will be the relatively lower daytime visibility. It should be argued however, that the color screen is necessitated by the Galaxy Gear’s use case, which includes taking and viewing photos/videos with its wrist-mounted, integral camera.

The Gear is powered by an 800MHz single core Exynos processor and is slated for an October release with a $300 price tag. With its single day battery life and relatively high price tag, it in unclear how the Galaxy Gear will be received by the general consumer. The market is currently pretty sparse so we will have to wait for a full review before we can come to any conclusions.

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