Samsung’s WatchON app gives you full control of your TV entertainment

Posted on Aug 27 2013 - 3:49pm by Brian

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was constructed with the goal of being fully integrated into our digital lives. A large part of most of our lives is media [read: video] consumption and Samsung’s WatchON application paired with the GS4’s built in IR blaster

Glaaxy S4 IR Blaster

The combination of WatchON and the IR blaster is Samsung’s attempt at transforming the Galaxy S4 into universal remote—one that is convenient because you will always have it on your person.

Although the application is composed of many features, the feature that you will probably be most interested in is the television controller. Setup involves choosing how you will interface with your TV (cable box or native) and channel mapping.

We found the remote feature to work well and were able to get it to work quite easily—your mileage may vary. Let us know which  TVs worked for you in the comments!functions, didn’t yield the options we needed. It’s a good app, just not the best out there.

watchon remote

WatchON persists in the notification menu so you can quickly and consistently switch to the remote from the notification bar even from the lock screen. Overall, I find this feature extremely useful as a bed top TV users, I swear the remotes are always running away from me.

In addition to the remote, WatchON has a program suggestion feature witch can be hit or miss based on your input. Although it can somewhat suggest what you may want to watch, it is not going to be nearly as intelligent as something like Netflix’s recommendation algorithm which has more data to pull from.

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