Top Samsung Galaxy S4 Tips You Didn’t Know About

Posted on Aug 1 2013 - 1:02am by Brian

1. Samsung Smart Switch from Blackberry or iPhone

smart switch

Samsung has realized that it has been gobbling up BlackBerry marketshare and encroaching on Apple’s user base, so it’s very nice of them to create an app that helps new users transfer their data from their old devices to their new Galaxy S4. Samsung’s Smart Switch PC application allows BlackBerry and iPhone users to transfer their messages, contacts, pictures and more!

Samsung Smart Switch

2. Easy Mode for the very young or elderly

easy mode

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is arguably one of the most feature-packed phones ever made, and navigating around every bell and whistle may be daunting to a non-techie. Luckily Samsung has made a luddite-friendly mode for the Galaxy S4 that keeps things simple–Easy Mode. You can activate Easy Mode by going to Settings > My Device < Home Screen Mode > Easy Mode.

3. Customize call audio with Adapt Sound

adapt sound

This hidden feature is really interesting and innovative as it allows you to custom tune the phone audio to your ears. Everyone’s ears perceive audio frequencies differently and this feature allows your phone to account for this in order to give the best call quality possible. You can setup your own personalized sound by hitting the Call Button > Menu > Settings > Scroll down to Personalize Call Sound > Adapt Sound. Put on your headphones and then follow the prompts!

4. Use the Touchscreen with Gloves

high sensitivity touchscreen

Samsung engineers really have thought of everything, including a setting that allows you to use Galaxy S4 with a gloved hand. By cranking up the touch sensitivity, you no longer have to pop off your gloves on a cold day just to pick up a call. To activate this option, go to Settings > My Device > Display > High Touch Sensitivity.

5. Customize your Notification Bar Shortcuts

You can switch up which shortcuts are displayed in your notification area by tapping the icon in the top right until a pencil/edit icon appears. Now you can drag and drop icons around to move the most frequently used shortcuts to the top of the list.

6. Multi-Window Mode

You already know how useful multiple windows can be on a desktop computer, and now Samsung brings that same philosophy to our mobile devices. The feautre is useful, but that persistent icon on the screen is quite annoying–remove it by hitting he back button, and get it back by doing the same.

7. Increase Ringtone Volume in Pocket & other Calling Settings

call settings 0

From the Galaxy S4 dialer you can quickly access a plethora of settings that can improve your smartphone’s quality of life. One of the most interesting features is the ability to make your phone ring louder when in side a pocket, a feature we wish we had known about earlier and can’t live without. to activate this features and others, navigate to your dialer app, hit the Menu button and select Call settings.

8. Disable Unwanted Stock Apps

Cleanup your app drawer by disabling stock apps which will hide them from your app drawer (even though you can’t uninstall them). Goto Menu > Settings > More > Application Manager and choose the apps you would like to disable

9. Change Messaging App Background and Bubble Style

ustom bubbles

Launch the stock Samsung messaging app and hit Menu > Settings  and scroll down to “Bubble style” and “Background style” Selec each one to choose your new custom messaging settings!

10. Camera Voice Controlled Shutter Release

voice commands

Don’t you hate it when you are trying to take a picture of yourself with your arm extended and it seems like hitting the shutter button is impossible? Or even worse, in trying to do so you shook the camera and blurred the picture? Samsung though of a solution for that problem with their voice activated shutter release. Now you can take a picture by saying “Smile,” “Cheese,” “Capture” or “Shoot.” To turn on the camera voice commands, simply launch the camera app, select the settings cog icon and tap the microphone icon.


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