Review: Movaluate Device Tester for Android Smartphones and Tablets

Posted on May 8 2013 - 4:04pm by Brian

Our sister site Movaluate has been our trusted resource for evaluating our device’s values. In addition to generating accurate price appraisals, Movaluate’s team has been hard at work to create a tool that will give users the ability to verify a target device’s functionality as well as its fair market value, all with one app. This app is Movaluate Device Tester.

The goal was to create an easy to use and understand diagnostic application that would allow buyers and sellers to easily identify that a device is in good working order and if it’s not, can help pinpoint the issue so that both parties can come to an agreement regarding the final sale price. Movaluate Device Tester achieves this goal with a simple 3 tab layout that contain the tests, results and price appraiser:

Movaluate App Tabs

In order to verify that a device is fully functional, Movaluate Device Tester runs a series of tests on the following functions of a smartphone or tablet:

-Sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, light and proximity
-Display: touchscreen and multi-touch
-Wireless & Telephony: WiFi, Bluetooth and cellular
-Camera: front facing, rear facing and LED flash
-Sound & Vibration: microphone, speaker and vibration motor
-USB connectivity

Once you begin the testing procedure, Movaluate Device Tester will automatically log the results and proceed to the next test. When possible Movaluate’s tests will be automated and can determine functionality without user verification. The multi-touch test will pass after the user has successfully maintained 5 points of multi-touch:

Multi Touch Test

Some tests like the LED flash test require the user to verify that the feature is indeed functional:

LED Flash Test

Once the testing is complete, you can easily review the results in the results tab, and retest any failed or inconclusive tests by tapping the test result. This makes it easy for a prospective buyer to test a phone and be confident in its functionality. Similarly, a seller can run through these tests and prove to a buyer that their device is completely functional. Once the two parties can agree that the device has been verified to function properly, they just need to agree upon a price.

Detect price

This is where Movaluate’s signature fair-market appraisal engine comes in. By navigating to the “About” tab in the app, users can hit the “Detect” button to instantly receive an appraisal.

As a lightweight tool to help asses the functionality and dollar value of your device, Movaluate Device Tester is a useful addition to the secondary market buyer and seller’s toolbox. As a standalone testing app, it is also a quick way for any user to verify that their phone is in tip-top condition. Movaluate Device Tester  is available for free on the Google Play Market. In addition, you can check out right now to see how much your smartphone is currently worth.


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