Samsung’s Galaxy S IV commercials make their debut

Posted on Apr 11 2013 - 1:57pm by Hansoo

galaxy s ivThe Galaxy S IV is Samsung’s latest flagship Android smartphone and it’s slated to lead their charge to 500 million device sales! With at least 50 million sales expected by itself, the Galaxy S IV leads the foray with a bundle of commercials celebrating the S IV’s suite of new features.

Design, Display and Camera

In classic fashion, Samsung boasts about their cutting edge design and technology to the tune of Vivaldi’s Summer (3rd movement if you must know), while also showing off an interesting albeit gimmicky feature that allows you to take simultaneous photos with both the front and rear-facing cameras.

Sound Shot

In this sentimental short about staying in touch with family, Samsung demonstrates the ability to include short sound recordings that play alongside your pictures.

Group Play

Some teams get pumped up listening to Du Hast. Samsung’s pseudo basketball team listens to Icona Pop. To each their own, right? Looks like Samsung will be adding to the bevy of features in the Galaxy S IV with the ‘group play’ feature which lets multiple S IVs play synchronized music.

S Translator

S Translate like the name implies, is a voice recognition and translation system. We’re curious to see how fast, and more importantly, how accurate this application can actually work. Provided S Translate’s translations are accurate, this could actually be quite a useful tool.

We already knew the Galaxy S IV’s hardware would be packing quite a punch, but all these software features are looking like quite a handful–hopefully it won’t bog down the system at all. We’ll be reviewing these features and more as soon as we get our hands on Samsung’s latest and greatest flagship.

Via SamMobile

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