The Best Camera Application for your Samsung Galaxy Note II

Posted on Mar 19 2013 - 1:51pm by Brian

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a powerful device that elevates itself from the rest of the typical array of smartphones with its one of a kind S Pen. If you aren’t familiar with Samsung’s Galaxy Note series, it is an expansion of their Galaxy lineup that focuses on larger devices with their signature Wacom powered S Pen and display.

What does this mean for the user? While typical devices must rely on inaccurate, silicone bulb tipped styli, the Galaxy Note’s integrated stylus gives the same writing resistance as a typical pen along with an equal degree of accuracy–all this with negligible latency.

The Galaxy Note’s combination of hardware and software gives developers a powerful edge in creating productivity and photography applications. Today we’ll be taking a look at which photography/camera apps are best suited for the Galaxy Note’s large display, quality camera and powerful S Pen.


We took a close look at CameraAce the other week and loved its photo management philosophy. Essentially it allows you to create multiple ‘Cameras’ or categories which have user determined presets so that based on which camera is used, the CameraAce will automatically apply a preset filter, frame and save location for the image.


CameraAce also had dedicated S Pen functionality which allows users to hover over onscreen elements to display more information. When hovering over a filter in the effects editor, a preview of the photo with the filter will be shown, or when hovering over a photo in the gallery, detailed information will be displayed.

Download CameraAce for free


There is a reason Google bought Nik Software, the developers of Snapseed. Snapseed being a pretty gosh-darn good app it one of them. Snapseeds main feature is its vast array of photo editing tools that will remind you more of Photoshop than a phone app. Much like CameraAce, Snapseeds user friendly interface is at the core of its appeal. Adding different filters and changing their parameters is easily done using gestures, and it makes it easy to add a touch of professional flair to your photos.


The Galaxy Note II’s S Pen will be especially useful in Snapseed because of its high resolution tracking, which is much more precise then a finger tip. Now you can very accurately fine tune the levels of your effects in your photos.

Download Snapseed for free

Color Splash FX

Color Splash FX is a little different from the previous apps because it focuses on one specific effect–the ‘Color Splash.’ This app specialized in accentuating colors in a photography by allowing users to uncolor ares, or recolor them to your liking.

camera splash

I know when I use my sausage fingers to try and trace a line around an image the end results are pretty sloppy, but with the S Pen highlighting areas of photos is much easier and is especially useful in Color Splash FX for crisp clean color edits.

Download Color Splash FX for free

Pudding Camera

Pudding Camera is an interesting take on the camera app genre. Going the skeumorphic route that became vogue during the rise of the iOS, Pudding Camera attempts to bring the hardware aspect of photography to your phone by creating various camera analogues that represent particular effects and lenses

2013-03-19 19.35.36

Pudding Camera makes especially good use of the Galaxy Note II’s spacious display in the real-time effects preview area where both X and Y axes are flanked my large icons representing types of cameras and film. The app also makes good use of the Galaxy Note II’s quad-core CPU to make quick work of the demanding real-time preview processing.

Download Pudding Camera for free

Stay tuned for more photography app recommendations!


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