Galaxy S IV Case Leaks Hint at a Return to the Boxy Design

Posted on Feb 22 2013 - 2:42pm by Brian

Although the Galaxy S IV’s internal hardware rumor’s have been fairly well cemented, we’ve yet to see a picture of the purported device. Until today… well not really. But, we do get to see what its cases will look like, which will give us some insight as to what the next gen Galaxy will look like.

galaxy s4 leaked case 2

From the looks of the cases, the Galaxy S III will adopt the boxier design language seen in the original Galaxy S II, which is achieved with more tightly radiused corners and a return to parallel sides.  The location of the camera, flash and speaker have been carried over from the Galaxy S III, but it appears the the speaker has grown in size as evidenced by the asymmetry seen between the LED flash and speaker grille cutouts:

galaxy s4 leaked case

If you can recall, the Galaxy S III was the most significant change in the Galaxy design language–almost everything from the Galaxy Ace to the Galaxy Note shared some semblance to the original Galaxy S, which brought upon itself much controversy for having a similar appearance to the original iPhone. The Galaxy S III adopted a more oval shape, with a trapezoidal home button and a display whose edges were tapered downwards.

With a return to the boxier, we are wondering what Samsung will do to the front of the device to distinguish it from its older counterparts. Perhaps it will keep the trapezoidal home button, but significantly thin out the bezels of the device. What will become of the curved edges on the display? Although it was aesthetically pleasing, we weren’t fond of how it made most screen protectors (especially glass ones) unable to cover the entire glass.

We’ll keep you updated with any more news about the GS4, otherwise check back on March 14th for the official announcement!

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