The Best Samsung Galaxy Note II S-Pen Tips and Tricks

Posted on Feb 15 2013 - 6:39pm by Brian

When Samsung first released its Galaxy Note, its sheer size was the primary topic of discussion. But that’s understandable since that’s the first thing you really see.  However, the Galaxy Note is more than meets the eye–the S Pen is the key feature that remains hidden in it’s own secret storage within the device. Maximize your Galaxy Note II experience by trying out these useful S Pen tips!

1. Hover Scroll

On scrollable pages or menus, you use your S Pen to hover over the corners of the page to engage scrolling.

hover scroll

2. S Note App Quick Launch

You can quickly and easily launch the S Note application from any screen by pressing down on the S Pen button and double tapping the screen.

quick launch s note

3. S Pen Screen Capture

Rather than having to awkwardly press and hold two physical buttons, you can easily take a screen cap by holding down the S Pen button and long pressing the screen.

s pen screen cap

You can make notes on the screenshot or crop it before saving it.

4. Cropped Screen Selection

You can quickly crop out a section of your current screen and send it via MMS or write a note with it. Simply hold down the S Pen button and begin drawing a selection

crop shot

5. Quick change between eraser and pen ins S Memo

When in writing in S Note, you can quickly switch between pen and eraser modes by tapping the S Pen button–no need to repeatedly tap the icons at the top!

6. Delete S Memo note

Samsung has implemented a fun way to delete an S Memo note by crumpling it up and throwing it away. What do we mean? By using a pinch gesture with 3 or more fingers, you can ‘crumple up,’ and delete your note:


Stay tuned for more helpful S Pen tips!

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