Protect your Galaxy S II, S III and other Exynos devices from Kernel Exploits

Posted on Dec 17 2012 - 1:48pm by Brian

In their everlasting quest to root and dissect every single Android device, the XDA community has uncovered a serious exploit on one of Samsung’s most popular devices.


While playing around with his Samsung Galaxy S III, XDA member alephzain discovered that he could obtain root without flashing with ODIN. Alephzain apparently discovered a serious exploit in the Exynos kernel that grants read/write access to the memory by all users. Although this allows users to easily root their devices, it also makes it alarmingly easy for malicious apps to run Kernel code injections and RAM dumps.

Luckily for tech savvy readers, you’ve already found how to safeguard your device from being damaged. Renowned dev Chainfire has already created a work-around for the exploit which can be found on this XDA thread, the only downside is that it disables the camera.

The devices at risk of being exploited are not limited to Samsung, as theoretically any device runnign an Exynos 4210 or 4412 SoC could be vulnerable, that includes the Meizu MX (in addition to the Galaxy S II, III and Note II). Head on over to the source for more information but in the mean time, be weary of all apps you download!

XDA via SammyHub

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