T-Mobile Galaxy S III is the most valuable variant of the bunch

Posted on Nov 27 2012 - 3:20pm by Brian

In our comprehensive price analysis of last year’s top Android phone, the Galaxy S II, we found that T-Mobile’s version retained the highest value over time out of all the U.S. variants:

We attributed this behavior to a combination of the SGH-T989’s ease of transfer (GSM/SIM card) and lack of internal competition (T-Mobile customers don’t have the iPhone option) to the phone’s high value. This year, the Galaxy S III is even more impressive than the S II at the time, and T-Mobile still doesn’t carry Apple’s iPhone, so it’s no surprise that T-Mobile tops the value charts even with Verizon in the mix this time around:

Much in the same manner, Sprint’s device trailed a full $100 in average price like the year before. New this year however was Samsung’s decision to forego the black version altogether and launch with a white and blue version instead. Turns out people really liked that idea as the marble white version claims a majority of the market share as well as a slightly higher sale price.

For more info and second-hand market reports, check out the blog over at Movaluate.

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