CareAce Survey: Samsung vs. Apple user judgement [UPDATE]

Posted on Oct 29 2012 - 9:38am by Brian

Samsung and Apple have both been making numerous appearances in headlines for their innovative hardware and intense legal battle.

What began as a feud between two rivals and partners turned into the great patent war of 2012, which has had OEMs and software giants up in arms about who has the right to what intellectual property.

We were curious what our readers thought about the outcome of the trial so we polled them and found that 75% of users thought that Samsung had not infringed and did not deserve to pay the damages. 16% of participants polled thought that the judgement was fair, and about 7% were unsure. We decided to leave the poll up so we could collect more votes, and the results were quite interesting:

The proportion of users that supported Samsung actually went up, all the way to 81%, while those in favor of Apple diminished to 8%. What appears to have occurred is that Apple’s images as the ‘bad guy’ has actually managed to manifest itself. By starting and being at the forefront of the ‘patent war,’ Apple has managed to paint itself in a reasoably dark light, while Samsung is the valiant white knight who stood to fight the good fight.

Regardless of the perception of Apple, some are saying that even with a billion dollars owed to Apple, all of this fuss resulting from Samsung’s similar hardware is worth it. Samsung–if they weren’t before–is now the headlining act of the Android show. Their hardware has been repeatedly compared to Apple’s, and is now seen as a direct competitor and rival. This positive brand image has led to record breaking sales of their Galaxy S III, which continues to set the standard for top-notch Android phones.

What do you guys think? Did Samsung intentionally copy Apple? Are the things they copied, copyright-able? Was it worth either way? Comment us below!

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