How To: Create your own custom vibration notifications on your Samsung Galaxy S III

Posted on Oct 2 2012 - 2:00pm by Brian

One of the most interesting features I was able to find in my new Galaxy S III was the ability to create your own custom vibration notification. I’ve been used to making custom ringtones and notification sounds, but this is my first time creating a custom vibration–if it’s yours too, here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Hit Menu > Settings > Scroll down and select Sound:

2. Select Device vibration > Create

3. Before you hit ‘Tap to create,’ thing of a memorable vibration pattern you can tap out. Once you tap, the Galaxy S III will start recording you vibration pattern. At the end of the recording, you can play it back or save it:

4. After you hit the save button, you will be prompted to enter a name for your pattern. After you hit OK your new vibration pattern will be set as your notification:

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