Black Galaxy S III spotted on T-Mobile’s Website

Posted on Aug 15 2012 - 5:57pm by Brian

While there’s been no official word from Samsung itself, we’re starting to see more and more evidence of a black Galaxy S III on the horizon:

You can see on T-Mobile’s 4G comparison page that the first device on display is clearly a Galaxy S III in piano black. Now before I get your hopes too high up, I will note that this image on the pedestal is an artist’s rendition, not a photogrpahical composite. That means that this model could be a design error or oversight. To compound your newfound fears that this might be the case, if you watch the phone spin some more, you will notice that it becomes a black Galaxy S II as well, which we can safely assume Samsung is not releasing. Then again, it does still look pretty similar to the actual version, which only further supports the theory that this is an artist error.

But wait! There is hope yet:

The image above is allegedly a shot from the stock keeping system at Carphone Warehouse, the UK’s leading third party phone retailer. You can clearly see the first (most recently added?) entry is the “Samsung Galaxy S3 Black,” which corroborates the existence of such a device. The Galaxy S III is the first time that Samsung, or any mainstream manufacturer in general has launched a device without a black colorway. Perhaps this will be changing in the near future–we’ll keep ya posted!

Via Samsung Galaxy S Forum

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