Know your phone with the Samsung Galaxy S III User’s Digest App

Posted on Aug 1 2012 - 3:20pm by Brian

There used to be a time when the instruction manual was a decidedly necessary part of any item being sold to consumers.

The whole “real men don’t need instructions” quote doesn’t apply much anymore. I mean sure, you could figure it out but chances are you are missing out on a ton of features that are quicker learned than discovered. The Samsung Galaxy S III is a very feature rich phone, and if you aren’t coming from the Galaxy S II–or an Android phone in general–it will be difficult to realize its potential.

Lucky for you we’ve found the Samsung Galaxy S III User Digest application on Google Play. This app is a comprehensive guide to using your Galaxy S III, with plenty of illustrations, videos and an intuitive navigation system.

The digest is organized into 3 sections; Setup Guide, How to Use and Tutorial Video. Each section has multiple chapters which have in depth explanations as well as diagrams regarding each topic.

Via Google Play

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