How To: Remove the Spigen SGP Glas Screen Protector from your Galaxy S II

Posted on Jul 25 2012 - 5:33pm by Brian

If you were like me and lost the little removal tool included with your Spigen Glas screen protector, you might be asking yourself, “how do I remove this extremely thin layer of glass glued to my display?”

Well since you are here now, you want some answers right? The solution is actually quite simple–all you need is a very thin, relatively stiff piece of plastic:

Not the easiest thing to procure I suppose, but if you don’t have a plastic business card, try folding over a few layers of packing tape and use the corner of that to poke in between the Glas and the display; now you can slide something thicker/stiffer underneath, like cardstock, to lift the display.

Work your way all the way around the edges of the Glas to lift it off the display:

Once you are done, their might be some slight residue which has gotten gummy and dusty along the cracks, which you can remove by gently running the back of a craft knife or thin needle along the bezel:

Wipe clean and voila!

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