Spigen SGP Glas Review Part 2: 7 Months Later

Posted on Jul 19 2012 - 12:13pm by Brian

Well after 7+ months of usage, this is what’s left of the SGP Glas for the Samsung Galaxy S II:

To the casual passerby, it appears my Galaxy S II’s display has been thoroughly mangled:

Top left corner

I must have dropped my phone as least a dozen times at this point. Normally I’ll do something like place the phone in my crotch while driving, forget that it’s there, and then upon exiting the car my dear Galaxy S II will go head-to-head with Mr. Pavement.

Top right corner

Bottom right corner

Bottom left corner

Alas, the only corner that made it out untouched was the bottom left corner. I think this might be because it is the innermost area which when holding the phone upright, is least likely to make contact with the ground first if the phone takes a 180 degree turn as it falls to the ground. Either that or dumb luck, but as you can see, my poor old Galaxy S II has taken quite a beating. But wait! As the butterfly emerges from its cocoon, so does the Galaxy S II from the Glas!

I’ve highlighted the major areas of damage that were inflicted on the Glas protector. The crack that goes across the bottom left occurred upon removal. Here is the pristine display of the Galaxy S II that was hidden underneath:

In terms of protection, this screen protector surpassed all expectations. I hate to think of all those times I dropped my phone face down onto the floor and then gingerly picked it back up expecting the display to look like a spider web. Thankfully Glas was there to protect the precious display.

The only downside is that it does add a very minuscule, however not negligible, amount of thickness to the display which can decrease the responsiveness of the display, especially when charging. Most of the time you won’t notice this, but for certain games that are extremely touch sensitive (think Canabalt HD), this can be problematic. The display also becomes much less responsive when charging, although using a non-stock kernel seems to help a lot.

Overall I would rate this screen protector 9/10. Great when paired with a lightweight case, and bulletproof if combined with heavy duty case. Pick yours up for $31.99 at Spigen’s website.

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