Samsung Galaxy Note Accessory: S Pen Stylus Holder Kit

Posted on Jul 18 2012 - 2:06pm by Brian

The Galaxy Note S Pen isn’t your run of the mill stylus. Paired with the Galaxy Note’s Wacom digitizer, this is one of the most accurate input methods the mobile world has ever seen.

However, there has been one issue with the stylus and that would be its ergonomics. With the interest of making the stylus fit into the body of the Galaxy Note, Samsung opted to for a narrows pen. Now this isn’t too difficult to cope with, but trying to manipulate the S-Pen button on such a small surface area poses some issues.

What does that little grey button do? If we go back to our How to use the Galaxy Note S-Pen, you may recall that holding down the button while making certain gestures adds extended functionality to the stylus including the ability go back, home, or even take a screenshot. Although it’s nice to have these features, the thin barrel of the S-Pen can make it quite difficult to actuate its button. Thankfully, Samsung has a solution:

The S-Pen holder is a Samsung official accessory that gives your S-Pen a convenient little housing that mimics the ergonomics of a standard pen with the convenience of a pen clip as well. All you have to do is unscrew the body of the holder, slide the S-Pen in and close it back up. The S Pen Holder Kit comes with a spare S-Pen so you don’t have to constantly swap between the holder and the phone. Pick it up for $59.99 at Samsung’s official shop!

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