Get Samsung’s SmartStay even if you don’t have the Galaxy S III

Posted on Jul 2 2012 - 4:34pm by Brian

Although Samsung’s popularity has largely stemmed on its hardware development, Samsung’s software engineers are busy thinking of innovative new ways to make their top notch hardware more human friendly.


The latest bit of ingenuity comes in the form of Samsung’s SmartStay technology which cleverly prevents the display from timing out by detecting if the user is looking at the screen. Like face detection software in cameras, SmartStay uses the front-facing camera to check in on your mug to make sure its still looking at the phone. Now you can get this feature even if you don’t have the Galaxy S III:

ISeeYouPRO is an app that gives any phone with a front facing camera the ability to utilize this same technology. If you opt to use the PRO version of the app, you can set the intervals at which the camera will search for your face and for how long. Now you can set your screen timeout to a relatively conservative settings, pop on ISeeYou and then not have to worry about your phone’s display going dark.

Free in the Play Store

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  1. luann June 7, 2014 at 4:16 am -

    My smart stay didplay light quit working and my phone is only 2 months old. What’s up with that? My eye is at the top but very dim. I’ve went over all the settings and dont know what im doing wrong. Do the camera settings have anythng to do w it?
    And since im complaining…the camera on this galaxy s3 sucks. Pictures are blurry and faded. Very disappointing since that wad one of my mmain qualifying questions when purchasing it from cricket. They lied. Im EMBARRASSED to even show my pictures to anyone. For $350.00, I expect to get a decent camera. I’ve had better cameras on cheap, flip open, no script card phones. Also my expensive case is cracking at the edge and I’ve only taken the back off 3x’s. I’ve never dropped it and hope I never do because the expensive case I picked offers no protection. It just flips over to cover the screen and would not cushion a fall. I dont know anymore…I would think spending this much hard earned cash would buy quality. very disapointed. I hope I can get the screen to stsy on at least .

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