Samsung’s Official Phone Trade In Program gets you up to $300 towards the Galaxy S III

Posted on Jun 26 2012 - 3:56pm by Brian

In anticipation of the nationwide release of the Galaxy S III for all U.S. carriers, Samsung has posted their official trade-in program on their Facebook fan page.

We just published an article regarding the resale value of the Galaxy S II, and foudn that the T-Mobile Galaxy S II has the high resale value of all the American variants. According to Movaluate, you can expect around $340 for your Galaxy S II in very good condition. This of course is its fair market value, which means you will need to post an advertisement on Craigslist or eBay, and then deal with buyers and bidders before you can get your money. If you want to take out the middle man as well as any dubious buyers, you can use Samsung’s trade in program, which will quote you for $135.

Although it might not seem like that much, the quoted prices are competitive with other trade-in programs:

To redeem the credit, all you need to do is send your old phone within 30 days of the new Galaxy S III’s purchase, and you will get a nice check for your old phone!

If you have some time, don’t mind the hassle of having to ship, and can deal with negotiating with buyers, we would recommend selling your phone on the second-hand market, where you can get up to double the value seen in trade-ins!

Via Samsung Mobile USA

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