CareAce Survey: Do you prefer, Samsung TouchWiz or the Stock Android launcher?

Posted on May 2 2012 - 6:02pm by Brian

Ever since the release of Samsung’s Galaxy S lineup, there’s been a debate between naysayers and supporters of Samsung’s TouchWiz launcher. Heck, ever since the major OEMs began releasing default launchers other than the stock Android version, people have been up in arms decrying such vile vandalism of Android’s natural state of being. What is the reality of the situation?

As you can see, the most prevalent and in my opinion, most obvious solution/opinion is that TouchWiz can come installed on the phone but users should have the option to turn it off and opt instead for the default Android launcher. Usually the debate goes something along the lines of “Nobody likes TouchWiz blah blah blah, why don’t they just remove it?” The simple answer to that is that Samsung is trying to provide a unified UI experience across all of their phones because to the common user, that is what is most associated with a brand–they don’t now the different between a 1.2GHz dual-core CPU and an 800MHz single-core. If each major OEM failed to do this, they would have no way to differentiate themselves, which prevents them from building brand loyalty and reputation.

Among the tech community however it is generally accept that power users are better off choosing for themselves which launcher they would like to use, and at the least they should be offered the option of reverting to Google’s stock launcher. Based on the survey, 20% of the people in our survey prefer to have TouchWiz, and that is coming from a sample of savvy internet users who are interested in Samsung devices and have visited our site. Think of the typical mom or pop, or just a casual user who doesn’t care too much about custom ROMs, launchers or the Android operating system itself. TouchWiz is going to be a handy enhancement to their user experience. What do you guys think? Leave us a comment below!


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    Good to know this…

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