Leaked Galaxy S III pictures are actually decoy test boxes, full specs inside

Posted on Apr 20 2012 - 12:44pm by Brian

Remember that leaked Galaxy S III we saw yesterday? According to the Verge’s sources, the ugly duckling we saw in the leaked photos are just cosmetic dummy units… with real internals:

According to the Verge’s sources, although the leaked imaged we saw were on the right track, they are merely “generic text boxes” to put the next Galaxy S’s internal through quality checks. This disguise is likely used so that Samsung’s employees can take the phone out into public without being spotted. Apparently the image we see above is one of these dummy boxes which apparently is “not even close to the final design,” and “no leaks of the final design have been accurate.”

That said it looks like Vietnamese site Tihnte has somehow managed to get their hands on one of these test boxes and take a peak at the internals:

The device in question is seen sporting a 4.6-inch, 1184 x 720 display, which runs a roughly 320 DPI resolution. We can clearly make out a 1.4GHz quad-core CPU with 1GB of RAM, Mali 400 GPU, 8MP shooter and 16GB of storage plus microSD. When placed next to the Galaxy Nexus, the device is very similar in size with respects to both screen and body dimensions–whether or not the display is a Pentil or RGB stripe? That’s anyone’s guess.

One mildly alarming specification that caught my eye was the inclusion of the Mali 400 GPU, a piece of kit that is coming on its 1 year birthday… not something to be proud of in the world of mobile devices. With a bump 2.4x increase in pixels, I’m not sure what Samsung is thinking sticking in a year old piece of kit. They could have at least upgraded to the PowerVR SGX543 MP2 which is the top graphical performer from the last generation of mobile devices. This development also leads me to believe that this device is possibly a decoy, or a dummy box for the Samsung Galaxy M. In it current setup, the successor to the Galaxy S II is merely playing catachup with the likes of the Galaxy Nexus and HTC One X. If Samsung were to really push the envelope, they would be releasing 28nm cores, 1080p displays, and 13MP cameras. Perhaps I am just overestimating Samsung but based on their past performance, such a device would not surprise me.

Via The Verge, Tihnte, Engadget

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