CareAce Survey: Do you use a case on your phone, what kind?

Posted on Apr 4 2012 - 3:54pm by Brian

My relationship with device protection has been a love/hate affair for many years. It all started with my 3rd gen iPod’s silicone case. It fully encased the device in a 1.5mm thick layer of jelly silicone (at a time when silicone was new, novel and predominant), that protected my iPod like no other, but also caught dust like a glue stick and made it impossibly difficult to put in and out of one’s pocket. This gave me a strong aversion to device protection for quite some time. That is until I did this…

After that lesson was learned, I’ve been pretty good about covering up my devices. My question was, had our readers developed a similar philosophy? What was more important, protecting the device or preserving its form factor? Let’s take a look shall we:

Given the three most common protection options; full case, half case and no case, nearly half of our users opted for the lightweight half case which covers the backs and sides of their devices. This seems to be the current trend in device protection where full cases are too bulky and no protection is too risky, the clip-on half shell seems to offer the right amount of protection. 26% of our users prefer to go au naturel look, and lastly 20% prefer to go full protection.

It seems that users have decided that the risk of catastrophic device damage is not only unlikely, but in the case that it were to occur, a full case would not negate the damage. Thus, users have opted to either go completely naked and deal with minor scuffs and scratches, or they have adopted the less protective but more stylish half-shell case. I tend to agree with this philosophy where 99% of cases will not preserve the display’s integrity if there is an impact on the center of the screen, but a bumper/half-case will protect it almost as well as a full case in the event of a rear/side collision.

In addition to the half/full cases, we have seen a surge in popularity among aluminum bumpers (check out our round up!) and screen protectors made out of chemically treated glass (check out our review!). What do you guys think about the great case debate–full shell, half shell, no shell? What about bumpers and screen protectors? Tell us about your choices and why you made them in the comments below!

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