What will the Next Gen Samsung Galaxy S III look like?

Posted on Mar 26 2012 - 2:44pm by Brian

Speculation surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S III has been rampant around the blogopshere and we are here to aggregate all of it into one place for your pleasure!

Samsung had monster years in 2010 and 2011 with their Galaxy S and Galaxy S II phones, which together have sold a whopping 40 million units. Having set the bar so incredibly high, the rumored specs for the next Galaxy smartphone are already quite impressive. On the generous side we have rumors of a 1080p display, quadcore processors and even wireless charging while looking towards more conservative stats we can expect a 720p display, next-gen dual-core and ceramic back case.

In terms of the design of the phone, the multiple ‘leaks’ of the S3 all focus on 2 main things: thinness and a huge display. The artist responsible for the first render seen above believes that Samsung will stick with capacitive navigation buttons and an ultrathin bezel. I can’t quite say that I agree with the mother of pearl look on the back of the phone however that may be an attempt to denote that the back of the phone will be ceramic. Chanes that the Galaxy S II will actually look like this? Not likely.

Our next offering offers a more realistic bezel design but with the same outrageiously thin form factor. This version also opted to include a physical home button, which I am sure the designers at Samsung have been hard at work discussing–should they finally completely convert to onscreen buttons? This version of the Galaxy S III also takes a design cue from the European Galaxy Tab which had its bezel enlarged to accommodate front-facing speakers in lieu of the Apple lawsuit.

However Samsungesque, this model fails to show any next-gen design features leading me to believe that this is not fashion-forward enough to be the Galaxy S III.

Our 3rd candidate appears to be made by our first artist–the backing is once again that strange marbley/mother of pearl texture and the front has a ridiculously thing (read: non-existent) bezel. The camera unit on the back has gone some significant changes however, resembling the large protruding camera spine on the LG Optimus 2X. This grand inrease in camera size and design is not unwarranted–note how the artist has made sure to include “12 MP” underneath the flash, owing to reports that a 12MP shooter woul dbe included on the Galaxy S III.

Such a strange camera design as well as the use of capacitive navigation buttons relinquishes this render to the 0% probablity of production bag.

Yet another render by our dear friend hafizoff, this rendition of the Galaxy S III is alarmingly similar to the current production model of T-Mobile’s Galaxy S II. The softer edges, and capacitive buttons strongly resemble current design trends of Samsung with this same design savvy expressed in Samsung’s Galaxy S II Skyrocket. If the Galaxy S III does indeed end up using capacitive buttons for their U.S. models, it wouldn’t be too far fetched to believe the biggest changes would be a larger screen, thinner bezenl, and thinner chassis, as seen above. Likelihood of production? Plausible.

Last but most certainly not least, we have this version of the GS3. Gun metal bezel, razor-thin symmetrical design, with classic Samsung styling. What the Galaxy S II was to the Galaxy S I, this render is most definitely to the Galaxy S II. This render maintains the boxy, angular shape of the Galaxy S II but smooths and flattens all the bumps; the speaker chin is gone, the raised camera and LED flash are now flush, and the hardware home button is replaced with on-screen navigation.

Is this what the next Galaxy smartphone will look like? I sure hope so. Chances [in my dreams] that it will go into production? 100. Chances in reality? Not so sure, but check out this video of the design in question

Stay tuned for the latest updates on when the Galaxy S III will be released, cheers!

Via Samsung HDblog

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