Samsung Dallas Technology Lab’s Custom Live Wallpapers

Posted on Mar 2 2012 - 5:48pm by Brian

The folks over at Samsung are always working to improve their user’s experience, and their Dallas Technology Lab is at the forefront of this endeavor. You’ve probably seen the variety of live wallpapers that come default with your  Galaxy S II, but this wasn’t good enough for the folks over in Texas–they’ve created 5 more unique wallpapers for you to try out!

Why don’t we take a quick look at some of these unqiue live wallpapers that are sure to add some character to your phone

1. Samsung Parallax Winter LWP

The first wallpaper we have up is the Parallax Winter live wallpaper. The style of this wallpaper is of paper cutouts, kinda like Southpark but much more serene and unoffensive. Snowflakes gently fall down your screen, evoking a sense of calm that we rarely get from our phones which are usually busy with notifications.

2. Samsung Finger Paint Lite

Love playing with finger paints but hate the cleanup? Me too. Thankfully, SDTL has made us a neat live wallpaper that mimic finger painting. When you slide your finger across your display, it leaves trails of “finger-paint” that change color. Now every time you slide between screens, you will create your own work of art! You can download the full version for $0.99 which allows you to customize your colors and background.

3. Samsung Carnival LiveWallpaper

The Carnival wallpaper has gently turning pinwheels that resemble flowers. This beautiful wallpaper can be customized by changing the number of flowers, their appearance and their rotation speed.

4. Samsung Ephemeral Lite

Ephemeral is defined as “lasting a very short time; short-lived; transitory.” In this case, the reference is to the changing colors of this vibrant wallpaper. You can adjust just how ephemeral the vertical columns of glowing light gently change colors in the settings. Buying the full version unlocks control over which colors are used.

5. Samsung Tiles

My personal favorite, Tiles come with all its features unlocked for free; you can change the size of the tiles, the size of the gap between tiles, and their color! When you slide your fingers across the tiles, they flip around resulting in a very neat visual effect!

You can find all of these for free on the Android market by click on the links above!

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  1. Case March 5, 2012 at 3:52 pm -

    Wow, it is Free!! It is interesting Samsung provides such an artistic wallpaper.

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