Tip: Samsung Galaxy Note Image Editing Tools and Options

Posted on Feb 27 2012 - 4:53pm by Brian

The cell phone camera has made enormous advancements in the last few years, but the same cannot be said about the software with which we can edit them on the same platform. While filters and effects have been the mainstay of post-capture editing, the Samsung Galaxy Note and it’s Wacom Digitizer/S-Pen bring a whole new slate of features to this phablet (phone/tablet).

Our latest article on the Galaxy Note showed us how we can quickly capture a picture and add our own custom doodles. During this guide you may have noticed that there was more 1 tool with which we could play around with out image. Here is a list of the different tools you can use to edit your images on the Galaxy Note:

1. Selection – this allows you to select a portion of the your image using one of three selection modes:

  • Lasso — Like a lasso, this tool chooses a selection by having the user create a loop around the target area.
  • Brush — This tool creates a selection based on what areas are filed in with the brush
  • Magnetic — Similar to the brush tool but the selection follows the lines of the image

After completing your selection you can use one of the tools from section 4-6 to add your selection to another image, change the colors, or add various effects.

2.  Crop – the crop tool lets you crop you image using the lasso or rectangular selection tools

3. Rotate – you can rotate your image and flip it across its vertical and horizontal planes using this tool, simply choose which direction you would like to rotate and save.

4. Tools – the Galaxy Note’s editing tools allow you manipulate parts of the image by drawing on them, moving them to another image, or transforming their shape.

5. Effect – the effects options allows you to add various custom effects, from tilt shift to speed lines, on images on the Galaxy Note.

6. Color – last but no least we can change the color saturation, contrast, brightness and more, allowing us to add character to to otherwise plain images. Combining these with various effects allows you to create very unique images that no other phone platform can so easily do.

Keep in mind that this is just an overview of the features available in the Galaxy Note’s image editing application. Stay tuned for the full guides on using each option, coming soon to our Galaxy Note Tips Collection.

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  1. Rudy February 4, 2013 at 5:08 pm -

    Hi.. I would like to ask, in galaxy note 1,there is the magnetic option for cropping.. For the galaxy note 2 though doesn’t have the magnetic option..so the magnetic option doesn’t exist in note 2 or do I just know where to look for it..??
    Thank u

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