Tip: 3 ways to take screenshots on the Samsung Galaxy Note

Posted on Feb 21 2012 - 3:38pm by Brian

At long last, the fabled Samsung Galaxy Note has touched down in the United States via AT&T, and we are lucky enough to have one in our possession! We, like many of you out there have been curious about what new features the Galaxy Note brings to the table, and this will be the first of many articles detailing these new features. Today we have discovered 3 ways to take screen shots with the Galaxy Note!

1. The first method is the standard Home + Power button as seen below:

This method has been the golden standard for Samsung Gingerbread devices, but Samsung has decided to make an even simpler option…

2. By simply swiping (left to right, or right to left) your device’s screen with the spine of your hand, you can activate the screen capture.

I think the idea Samsung had with this motion is the motion that a scanner/copier performs when capturing a document. Although I found this method less awkward then holding the Home and Power buttons, I had to be careful not to swipe the capacitive buttons as this would not register the screen capture action.

3. Finally there is my favorite method, which involves using the S-Pen: simply hold down the S-Pen’s button and long press the screen.

This method of screen capture will immediately take you into an editing application that allows you to add notes to the screenshot and then save them to your gallery!

Stay tuned for more tips as we populate our Samsung Galaxy Note, tips, how to and guide archive!



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