Samsung Galaxy S II is the best smartphone in sub-zero climates

Posted on Feb 17 2012 - 12:07pm by Brian

If you find yourself skiing, mountaineering, or hanging out in an artifical freezer from time to time, you will be happy to know that your Galaxy S II will happily keep chugging along with you!

Finnish magazine MikroPC performed an independent test of 15 of the most popular mobile phones in Finland, in which they essentially froze each phone in a controlled environment until they no longer functioned. The extreme temperature stress test was performed at the Weather Room, a scientific lab situated in the VTT Technical Research Center in Espoo, Finland. From here they could carefully control the environment’s temperature to within a fraction of a degree, testing each phone along the way.

After conducting the experiment, MikroPC found the Samsung Galaxy S II to be the most resilient phone of the bunch, surviving in temperatures down to -35°C. The Galaxy S II was the only phone that was able to run smoothly when temps were brought down to -30°C, and was the last one standing at -35°C. The test began with the temperature set at 0°C, and was was brought down in 5° increments–slowly, the competing phones dropped like flies as the temperature fell, but all of the five Samsung phones that were tested made it beyond the -20°C mark.

This experiment is a testament to the quality of Samsung’s electronics and battery, as the major contributing factor to phone failure at low temps is the battery. When the battery temperature drops low enough, the phones begin thinking the batteries are empty, even when they are full.

So for those of you looking for the optimal arctic phone, or just a reason to be even more satisfied with your current choice, we are happy to say that the Samsung Galaxy S II passes with flying colors!

Via Samsung UK

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