TecAce Launches Interactive Video News Player, NewsAce

Posted on Feb 1 2012 - 6:23pm by Brian

Seattle February 1, 2012 — TecAce Software Ltd.  has officially launched their video news player, NewsAce. NewsAce is a video and RSS feed reading application that beings a fun and interactive user interface to your Android phone or tablet. If you have ever imagined having a real life version of Harry Potter’s newspaper the Daily Prophet, this is your chance! Like its magical counterpart, NewsAce brings its content to life with its embedded video playing feature!

NewsAce’s UI is reminiscent of a classic newsstand with shelf room for 12 “newspapers” and a separate rack for favorites. NewsAce’s content can be fed through your personal Google Reader feed, or you can simply browse the included 60 preset channels of high quality video content–everything from news, sports, tech and arts.

Have fun while discovering all sorts of new content using NewsAce’s key features:

  • Daily Prophet: Like the Harry Potter movie newspaper, videos play from directly within the newspaper interface
  • Video News Player: Video feeds automatically play within the app
  • 60 Recommended Channels: 60 Presets to choose from that will suit your fancy
  • Google Reader Integration: NewsAce also can feed you your favorite Google Reader RSS feeds
  • Gesture Navigation: Simply swipe left or right to switch between NewsAce’s recommended content and your personal Google Reader selections
  • Discover Feeds: Get recommendations and also search feeds
  • View it Later: Offline syncing allows you to view content without a data connection
  • Sharing and Bookmarking: Quickly and easily share your favorite pieces with your friends, or keep them for future reading/watching

NewsAce is now available for free on the Android Market, or you can use our QR code to download the app–enjoy!  http://bit.ly/xzSJHo

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