CareAce Survey: What do you think of the Galaxy Note’s 5.3 inch form factor?

Posted on Jan 31 2012 - 3:42pm by Brian

When the Samsung Galaxy Note made its first appearance at IFA Berlin, we were excited and surprised to see it’s new 5.3 inch display form factor appearing alongside its siblings the 7.7 and 10.1 inch tablets.

The Galaxy Note isn’t a run of the mill phone that has just had an increase in display size: the Note’s 5.3-inch display is the first of its kind–a HD Super AMOLED display with a full 1280 x 800 resolution, the same resolution as the Galaxy Tab 10.1. The newfangled display also integrates a Wacom digitizer with Samsung’s S Pen allowing for unparalleled input accuracy. Under the hood the Note is powered by an overclocked dual-core Exynos SoC, running at a stout 1.5GHz.

Although we we fancied the idea of a large phone/compact tablet with a built in digitizer, we were curious what our readers thought of the Galaxy Note. We asked them whether 5.3 inches was too big for a phone, too small for a tablet, just right or unsure:

When asked about the 5.3-inch display, 54% of our users replied favorably to the new mid-size form factor, with a combined 34% claimed that 5.3 inches was either too big for a phone or too small for a tablet. This majority favor of the Galaxy Note’s form factor is in line with a global survey which states that 70% of consumers are looking for a device that can offer the same functions as the Galaxy Note. According to the survey,

  • Both men and women in all regions agreed/strongly agreed that carrying multiple devices to meet their mobile needs while on the go is a burden.
  • Both genders responded that a device with handwriting-type functionality would help to lighten their load. If given the opportunity to replicate the experience of using pen and paper on a mobile device, 64.6? would stop carrying a pen and paper.
  • Globally, 75.7? of respondents stated they would like the ability to hand-write sharable notes directly on images, maps, documents or websites using a smartphone; this figure was especially high in Asia (84.3?), leading to the assumption that the need for handwriting may be higher for Asian-language speaking consumers due to the unique characters.

It’s no wonder Samsung is finally bring this bad boy to the U.S. via ATT within the next month or so. What do you guys think–do you think a 5.3-inch device will be a good hybridization/replacement of phone and tablet devices? Leave us a comment below!

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  2. Flix February 26, 2012 at 9:54 pm -

    so can i use it as a phone too? Like take out my sniprt sin card and make calls with it and use the internet without wifi? Please let me know. Thanks!

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