CareAce Newsletter Issue 10

Posted on Jan 18 2012 - 4:22pm by Brian

CareAce Exclusive App Review: RSS Times Reader for WP7 Mango

If you are excited for the latest build of Windows Phone 7, Mango, we have a sneak peek at one of the new pre-installed apps for Samsung WP7 devices—RSS Times: RSS Times main menu: Menu button at bottom right, Pull down feed list at top [Read more]

Samsung Customer Satisfaction Rating Highest of Android Manufacturers

I can say that I’ve been more than satisfied with my Samsung smartphone experiences and it seems like North American Android user’s seem to agree. A recent ChangeWave Research report surveyed smartphone users across North America in an effort to measure customer satisfaction among various smartphone manufacturers. Now before you start becoming alarmed that Samsung has a mere 47% customer satisfaction rating, this is a measure of customers who say… [Read more]

How To: Read QR Codes with your Galaxy S II

Hey guys, you’ve probably seen me put up little pixelated squares like this  before–wait–you don’t know what these are? Well how rude of me to shove these in your face without telling you what they mean. No no, they aren’t pretty little pieces of digital art… [Read more]

CareAce’s Five Favorite Samsung News Stories of 2011

It’s already new year’s eve eve, and with less than 48 hours to go in 2011, it’s about that time to take a look at what big stories rocked Samsung and our worlds. This past year has definitely been one of the biggest–if not the [Read more]

2011-2012 Keyboard of the Year: Swiftkey X

Swiftkey X by TouchType LTD 4.6 Stars (38,541) Editor’s choice $3.99   Forgive me for sounding biased–but I am. This keyboard ended all of my typing woes. After using numerous keyboards over the years, I finally hopped onto…  [Read more]
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