Application: Swiftkey X, the Fastest, Most Accurate keyboard for your Galaxy S II

Posted on Jan 13 2012 - 6:19pm by Brian

Swiftkey X by TouchType LTD

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Forgive me for sounding biased–but I am. This keyboard ended all of my typing woes. After using numerous keyboards over the years, I finally hopped onto the Swiftkey X bandwagon when I saw it on sale for a mere .99 cents during the Android Market’s 10 billion downloads sale. The reason I am so elated with this keyboard is that it collects data from your various preexisting text data from Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, blogs and of course, texts!

For someone who frequently uses made up words and strange spelling rules, this keyboard is a dream! Pair this with its dynamic input modeling, and you have the most personally aware keyboard out there. What is this input modeling witchcraft I speak of? Swiftkey X keeps track of how you input text (where you hit the keys) on the keyboard and tailors predictions based on the way you type. In the settings menu it even shows you a heatmap so you can see the data yourself:

In addition to figuring out what you are trying to type, Swiftkey has the ability to figure out what you are going to type next. SwiftKey X’s context driven, TouchType Fluency prediction engine uses “natural language processing technology and machine learning to offer unrivaled word prediction and correction.” I found this to be extremely useful for frequently used phrases which can be typed out with minimal contact with the actual alphabet portion of the keyboard.

Swiftkey X’s default UI is by far my favorite: it combines an easily readable alphabetic keyboard with the numbers and symbols layed out in a vertical split. Each key on the keyboard is nice and large, but also well spaced. Each key is also marked with a secondary function which can be activated via long-press. Another feature of this layout that I think should be standard on all keyboards is having dedicated keys for Settings, comma, period and question mark.

Long-pressing the “123” box immediately brings up the second page of symbols

Now before you go on thinking I have nothing bad to say, there is one area where Swiftkey X could be improved. Namely in themes and design customization. Swiftkey X offers no themes or design modifications outside of choosing its four default colorways of dark, light, neon and pumpkin–neon and pumpkin are pretty much the same as dark. But then again, that’s not why you should be using Swiftkey X. This comes in at #1 because for all intents and purposes, it serves as the best–not best looking–input method

Key Features:

  • Cloud based personalization–gathers data from various preexisting sources of user text such as Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and SMS
  • Personal input modeling–keeps track of how you tap every key
  • Next-word prediction–USes TouchTYpe Fluency prediction engine to guess what you will type next

Recommended Users: Fast typists who extensively use ad hoc vocabulary.

Supported Languages: 35 languages supported, up to 3 at a time, including everything from English to Kazakh. Full list here.

Download SwiftKey X on the Android Market or use this QR code:

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  1. yvonne December 2, 2012 at 8:37 am -

    This keyboard sounds wunderfull! Wunderfull in EVERY way, but . . . can I swype?

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