CareAce Newsletter Issue 9

Posted on Jan 6 2012 - 7:02pm by Brian

Application of the Week: BLN Control for Samsung Galaxy S

One of my favorite features of my original Google HTC G1 was it’s notification LED. One thing I wish my Samsung Galaxy S had was a notification LED. See my problem–oh, you have this problem as well? Well here is an application I think you should take [Read more]

CareAce Survey: Which Keyboard do you use?

This month we polled our readers on which of the numerous keyboards was their favorite. Among our users, Swype was crowned the most popular with 31.585 of the vote. Swype is still in its beta stage and can be downloaded from their website but if you have a Samsung phone such as the Galaxy S II, the keyboard comes pre-installed and ready to use! SwiftKey X came in at second with a quarter of the vote–one of the most comprehensive keyboard we have ever seen. The highlight of SwiftKey is its ability to pull data from Gmail, Twitter and Facebook and use it towards text predictions on your phone. Stay tuned for our comparison of 2011’s top Android keyboards!

Best Samsung Galaxy S II Aftermarket Battery

Battery life has been the crux of smartphone weakness since their inception. Users around the world have tried all sorts of different power management techniques, software modifications as well as tricks and gimmicks (all black themed UI) to try and extend battery life. While some [Read more]

CareAce’s Five Favorite Samsung News Stories of 2011

It’s already new year’s eve eve, and with less than 48 hours to go in 2011, it’s about that time to take a look at what big stories rocked Samsung and our worlds. This past year has definitely been one of the biggest–if not the [Read more]

Tip: Samsung Galaxy S II Android Notification Icon Guide

If the Galaxy S II is your first smart/Android phone, it might be a bit overwhelming the amount of information that is presented to you at once. Although some of the status bar notifications are explained when you drag down the notification bar, many of [Read more]
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