Best Samsung Galaxy S II Aftermarket Battery Capacity Comparison

Posted on Dec 29 2011 - 6:27pm by Brian

Battery life has been the crux of smartphone weakness since their inception. Users around the world have tried all sorts of different power management techniques, software modifications as well as tricks and gimmicks (all black themed UI) to try and extend battery life. While some of these may work, there is no substitute quite like the old fashioned, fresh battery swap.

The question then becomes, which battery is best? Should you purchase the expensive but reliable OEM battery, or the cheap and/or extended life, aftermarket choices. TSellers over at Samsung Galaxy S Forums decided to figure this out himself by purchasing a bunch of different aftermarket Galaxy S II batteries and testing them using his MAHA Powerex C77Plus-II battery charger/analyzer.

TSellers tested out 4 different batteries including the stock Samsung battery:

  • Momax 1450 mAh battery — Cost: $17.00, Weight: 30 grams, Actual capacity: 1632 mAh, Capacity per dollar: 96 mAh/$
  • DxT 2300 mAh battery — Cost: $16.00, Weight: 30 grams, Actual capacity: 1700 mAh, Capacity per dollar: 106.25 mAh/$
  • Generic Black, ‘Made in China’ 2000 mAh battery — Cost: $3.50, Weight: 28 grams, Actual capacity: 1268 mAh, Capacity per dollar: 362.3 mAh/$
  • Genuine Samsunng 1650 mAh battery — Cost: $29.00, Weight: 30 grams, Actual capacuty: 1560 mAh, Capacity per dollar: 53.8 mAh/$

As you can see, there are various claims for each battery by their manufacturers, but actual output varies quite a bit. TSellers actually had 3 Momax packs, with the other two showing ratings of 1605 mAh and 1509 mAh. Aside from individual variance, age can affect capacity–the 1700 mAh rating of the DxT shown above was a result of multiple conditioning cycles as the brand new battery originally posted a score of 1563 mAh. The Momax and Samsung packs were about 6 months old and the generic about 2 months.

As you can see from the analysis above, the generic black battery pack is the best bang for your buck at 362.3 mAh per dollar but also clocks in with lowest capacity at 1268 mAh. The genuine Samsung battery sits on the opposite spectrum producing 53.8 mAh per dollar at a respectable 1560 mAh. When accounting for manufacturing variance, the Momax and DxT battery pack provide nearly the same mAh per dollar thus we (as does TSellers) recommend buying whichever you can get for cheaper.

Via Samsung Galaxy S Forums

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