How to: Type on your Samsung Galaxy S II using a computer keyboard

Posted on Dec 19 2011 - 6:28pm by Brian

Have you ever had those days where you felt like your thumbs were burnt out from sending out text messages all day? Wouldn’t it have been nice to just connect a keyboard to your phone? Well… if you had a bluetooth keyboard you could, but chances are that you don’t. But fear not! I’m sure you still have a laptop… or at least a computer with a WiFi connection? Great! Well now we can get working!

If you want to connect your computer’s keyboard to your Galaxy S II, all you need are:

WiFi Keyboard on Android Market

1. After you download and install the application, activate the keyboard going to Menu > Settings> Language and keyboard > Enable WiFi Keyboard. Now longpress a text box and change the input method to WiFi Keyboard.

Now that your WiFi keyboard is activated, head to your notification bar and pull down the info for the IP address you will type into your computer. Open up a browser and type in that IP address–this will fire up the computer-side keyboard interface.

From here you can type your heart away as well as copy and paste large chunks of text. The interface is very simple and their is no noticeable latency between the keyboard and the Android device although your connection strength may affect this. The developer recommends using Google Chrome rather than Internet Explorer due to stability issues.

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