Samsung Focus S Windows Phone 7 Mango Tip Collection

Posted on Dec 9 2011 - 7:00pm by Brian

This post is a Tips archive for the Samsung Focus 7 Mango Phone

1. How to precisely aim your cursor
2. How to hard reset your Focus S
3. Extended keyboard symbols shortcut
4. Changing background color and theme
5. Voice Commands
6. Integrated Applications
7. Camera and Camcorder Features
8. Multitasking
9. Voice Search
10. How to pin a website to the start menu
11. How to activate drag and drop file transfer
12. How to quickly switch to camera from standby mode
13. How to add custom ringtones
14. Turn off camera shutter sound
15. 5 Samsung Focus S Web Browsing Tips

1. A better way to precisely position the cursor on text

Because your finger covers up a word when you try to move a cursor to a certain point on it, long press the word instead and the cursor will appear above it. Now you can move your cursor around without having your finger covering up its location.

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2. How to hard [factory reset] your Focus S

Warning: this will remove all data on your Focus S and return it to its original factory settings.

To reach the hard reset option, navigate to your App list > Settings > About > Reset Phone > Yes

If your phone software is unresponsive, you can hard reset your phone using your hardware keys by pressing and holding down the Camera + Volume Down + Power buttons simultaneously. Release the power button when the phone vibrates while continuing to hold down the Camera and Volume down buttons. Release the rest of the buttons when the Format prompt is displayed. Press the Windows button twice to confirm.

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3. Extended keyboard symbols shortcut

Certain symbols on the WP7.5 keyboard can be long pressed to reveal additional options. Among them include the period and parenthesis which open into -, +, &, “, :, /, and <, {, [, respectively.

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4. Changing background color and theme

You can change your background from dark to light, as well as the accent color by navigating to your App list > Settings > Theme. From here choose your colorway:

CareAce colors

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5. Voice Commands

Using Voice Commands: Find new places and complete phone tasks with minimal typing by using Voice Commands.

1. To launch Voice Commands, touch and hold Start.
2. Touch Speak and begin the command. For instance, say, “Find pizza in Denver” or “Open Calendar.”
3. Touch Go to begin the search.
4. On subsequent uses of Voice Commands, begin speaking as soon as the Voice Commands window pops up.

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6. Integrated Applications

Using the Me Tile: The Me tile is activated on the Start screen when you connect your Windows Live® account to the phone. Once the tile is available, you can add a photo, share a quick message and integrate with Windows Live news and updates, as well as Facebook® updates.

Using Visual Search: Within Bing®, touch the Vision icon and then scan a book, CD, DVD, or barcode to search for a product online. Bing Vision also allows you to translate scanned text.

Windows Live ID: The single sign-in service that is Windows Live ID offers access to Windows Live sites and services, as well as the ability to download apps from Windows® Marketplace. If you use Hotmail®, Xbox LIVE® or Zune® Pass, they already have a Windows Live ID.

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7. Camera and Camcorder Features

LED Flash on Rear-facing Camera: You may select the convenient Auto mode and let the camera’s internal light meter determine when to use the flash, or you may choose for it to remain on, or off, all the time.

Advanced Camera Features: The Samsung Focus™ S includes features that aren’t typically found on most mobile handset cameras, such as a flash and auto focus, as well as…

• Wide Dynamic Range: Provides more balanced pictures – bright areas are less washed-out and dark areas are more detailed – in settings with backlighting or a combination of bright lights and dark shadows
• Anti-shake: Reduces blurry images caused by slower shutter speeds in low-light settings
• Sharpness: Controls how crisp edges appear in photos
• Saturation: Controls how muted or vivid colors appear
• Contrast: Offers control for increasing and decreasing the contrast between black and white in a photo, and is especially helpful when shooting tone-on-tone subjects, such as a snow scene or a bridal gown
• Exposure Compensation (EV): Allows for fine-tuning the camera’s internal light meter to brighten or darken photos

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8. Multi-tasking

You can run multiple apps in the background—so, for example, listening to music can happen concurrently with browsing the web. Simply press and hold the Back softkey to navigate to the Task Switcher to manage apps that are running.

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9. Bing Voice Search

Search isn’t just limited to visual scans. If you hear a song you can’t identify, access the Music Search function within the Bing toolbar. The device will “listen” to the song, and then provide search results that enable you to purchase and download the song or album.

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10. Pin a website to your Start Menu

While browsing a website, hit the 3 dots at the bottom of the screen and select “pin to start.” Now you can have a tile that directly links to your website:

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11. Activate drag and drop file transfer

If you’ve wanted to use your Mango Phone as a quick drag-and-drop storage device, you may have noticed that it does not show up in the windows explorer. Here’s a simple guide on how to change that.

1. First you want to hit the start button + R and typing “regedit.exe”

2. Next, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USB , hit Ctrl + F and search for “zunedriver”

3. Now that you are in the correct directory, we are going to edit 3 keys:

  • Change ShowInShell from 0 to 1
  • Change PortableDeviceNameSpaceExcludeFromShell from 1 to 0
  • Change EnableLegacySupport from 0 to 1

Now hook up your phone and it should appear as a portable media device–drag and drop files to your desire! Take note that these files cannot be accessed directly from within the device.

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12. Quickly enter the camera from standby

While your phone is asleep, you can switch directly to camera mode by holding the hardware shutter button. This is a great shortcut to quickly snap photos rather than having to navigate to the camera app.
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13. How to add custom ringtones

Since the beginning of time, people have wanted to put custom ringtones on their cell phones. The same is true for users of the Samsung Focus Mango phone. There is however one small problem–Microsoft didn’t make the process of adding custom ringtones very intuitive. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place to find your solution.

It’s actually a very simple process which I will now begin to walk you through.

1. Prepare your ringtone–it must follow these 4 rules:

  • 39 seconds or shorter
  • Less than 1MB
  • MP3 or WMA format
  • DRM free

You can obtain a ringtone by manually chopping up an .mp3 using a sound editor, (I used Ringdroid on my Android phone and just transferred the edited files [Check out our best Android Ringtone Maker article]), or search online for an appropriate file.

2. Move your file to a Zune-indexed directory–just make sure that you can find the file from your Zune software.

3. Change the file’s genre to “RINGTONE” so that your audio clip is recognized as such. To do so, find the ringtone in your Zune library, right click it and choose edit. Now you can change the genre to RINGTONE:

4. Sync the ringtone to your Focus S, and then select your new ringtone! After connecting your phone and syncing, navigate to Settings > ringtones + sounds and choose from the new category labeled “Custom.”

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14. Turn off Camera Shutter sound

If you are taking photos in a quiet area like a library or if you want to covertly snap a photo, you can turn the shutter sound off.

Navigate to App list > Settings > ringtones + sounds > uncheck “Camera shutter.”

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15. 5 Samsung Focus S Web Browsing Tips

1. Delete Search History

Accidentally viewed some NSFW content? Need to clear your browsing history? Fear not, you can find the delete history function in (…)  >  Settings > Delete History. Remember kids, this action will delete all temporary files, history, cookies, and saved passwords from Internet Explorer.

2. Pin your favorite websites to your home page

Did you know, you can pin a website to your start screen as a tile? It’s quite simple, just hit (…) > pin to start  and place it as you would any other tile.

3. View desktop website version by default

In Android’s browser you have to fiddle around with the user agent properties, but Microsoft does us a favor and gives us the option to view desktop versions of websites with a simple option: hit (…) > Settings >  Website preference

4. Surf multiple web pages at a time

To open multiple windows at a time in Internet Explorer, hit the (…) and select Tabs. From their you will be taken to a master display of all your open windows. You can add more by hitting the “+” at the bottom and remove windows by hitting their “x” buttons.

5. Share a webpage via SMS, Hotmail, Gmail and social networks

You can quickly share a website without having to copy/paste and open up a new app by hitting the (…) and selecting share page. From there you can choose how you want to distribute the link.

For more tips, check out our Focus S Tips Archive.

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