CareAce Newsletter Issue 6

Posted on Nov 15 2011 - 7:10pm by Brian

CareAce Featured Application: Disk Usage

After browsing through many forums, I’ve found that many users have been anywhere from a tad curious to extremely befuddled regarding the Galaxy S II’s on-board memory layout. First of all let’s get the basic down. The Galaxy S II comes equipped with 16GB of internal ROM storage and  [Read more]

CareAce Poll: How do you sync files between your phone and PC?

There are many options for Samsung Galaxy users to sync their devices, so we polled out users to find out which method was most popular. It was no surprise that direct USB trasnfer–the simplest and most robust method–garnered 26% of the vote, with Kies and Kies Air taking 20% and 22% of the vote respectively.

Top 10 Must Have Galaxy S II Widgets

One of Android’s #1 features is the ability to place widgets on the desktop. In case you aren’t familiar with widgets, they look like app icons, but can dynamically display information and/or perform actions–they can also occupy more than one tile of space. Your Galaxy S II the most useful phone you have ever used! [Read more]

How To: Turn off automatic brightness when playing games

Ever find it really annoying when you fire up your favorite game, only to cover up your brightness sensor as you hold your Galaxy S II in landscape view, turning the screen brightness down to near unusable? Hate it when your hand covers the light [Read more]

Tip: What does the Samsung Galaxy S II Auto Adjust Screen Power setting do?

Most of you are probably familiar with the “Automatic Brightness” but have you ever really noticed the Auto adjust screen power option? If you go into the Galaxy S II’s display settings you will find an option to have the phone automatically adjust screen power, which can “Save power by analyzing image and adjusting LCD brightness.” [Read more]

Tip: Turn on or off text notifications during calls on the Galaxy S II

Isn’t it really annoying when you are mid-phone conversation and you hear a beep-beep notification for a text? Is it really annoying when it doesn’t notify you? Well whichever boat you are in, we’ve got a solution for you! [Read more]
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