How To: Importing and exporting [backing up] contacts with Kies on Galaxy S II

Posted on Oct 28 2011 - 3:13pm by Brian

If you guys haven’t yet used Samsung’s Kies software, it’s a good idea to get started as it can easily backup, import and export your contacts–no more making Facebook events named “I dropped my phone in the toilet, text me your numbers!”

Just like in our how to transfer your iTunes music to your Galaxy S II using Kies guide, importing/exporting/backing up your contacts with Kies is very simple.

1. First off, you need to download Samsung’s Kies Software. Actually the first step is to accumulate a contact list 😉

Exporting contacts from your phone to your computer

2. Install the software and connect your phone via USB; hit the contact tabs and load your contacts list:

3. Once you have loaded your contacts, select which contacts you would like to move to your computer and click “Save to PC”

4. Congratulations, you have successfully created a .spb file containing the contacts you select above. Let’s move on to importing these contacts to your library

Importing your phone contacts .spb file

5. Now navigate to the contacts category under library, and open the .spb file:

6. Congratulations! You have successfully backed up your phone’s contacts to your Kies library.

Restoring contacts

7. If you want to reverse the process, click the “Transfer to device” button in your contacts library. Or you can manually import the contacts from the .spb file by hitting the “Import from PC” tab in the device section of Kies:

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  1. RM February 3, 2012 at 1:26 am -

    When I import contacts from outlook, kies replaces “(” with “=28” in the phone number. How do I tell kies to keep “(” and “)” as is?

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