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Posted on Oct 20 2011 - 10:53am by Brian

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CareAce Newsletter: Monday October 19th, 2011, Issue 4

CareAce Featured Application: ChatON Messenger for Android

Samsung ChatON is a multi-faceted messaging service that is designed to offer users a complete suite of multimedia sharing and storage tools. We first caught wind of this application back in late August, and now it has finally gone live. ChatON is Samsung’s proprietary messaging service [Read more]

CareAce Poll: 3 Most Important Features on a Smartphone?

Last January we celebrated our 3 year anniversary with a user appreciation giveaway/survey where we asked a series of smartphone usage questions, with one lucky participant walking away with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7. Survey results from January 2011.

As we hit Q4 of 2011 and await the next wave of 4.5th generation Android Phones, we thought we would revisit which 3 features are were most important to our users. As you can see in the bar graph above, Email and Web browsing both topped the list, with navigation and multimedia neck-and-neck at third. Fast forward from Q1 2011 to today and you can see that things have shifted around a little bit.

This time around, we asked our users to choose 3 of the most important features from the choices above, and this time around, Web Browsing handily took first place, and Email bumped down to a distant 3rd. And the dark horse candidate in at second? The Camera.[Read More]

Tip: Secret Android Version Easter Egg

If you guys aren’t familiar with easter eggs, they are hidden messages in computer software that are activated by a set of undocumented commands. Android 2.3 Zombie art by Jack Larson The tricky developers over at Google’s Android department have hidden some nifty Easter eggs for their [Read more]

How To: Install Galaxy Nexus, Ice Cream Sandwich Wallpapers

In anticipation of Samsung and Google’s upcoming Galaxy Nexus release, we have gone and found the wallpapers that will be shipped with the first Ice Cream Sandwich device. P3Droid has created an .apk that allows you to install these spiffy new wallpapers which you can [Read more]

Tip: Galaxy S II/Tab 10.1 Multi-touch Quick Scroll

At CareAce, we are constantly fiddling with our phones, looking for more useful tips to share with our readers. Today we found an interesting use for multi-touch in Samsung’s TouchWiz UI. In any scrollable menu, you can scroll all the way to the top or bottom in [Read more]

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