Female-Targeted, Pink Samsung Galaxy S II revealed at KES 2011

Posted on Oct 13 2011 - 5:12pm by Hansoo

The Galaxy S II has been a tremendously successful device for Samsung. Even before releasing the stellar device to its largest potential market, the U.S., Samsung sold over 10 million units in a mere 5 months. In a response to its widespread success, Samsung is looking to target more niche markets, hoping to attract customers that may have previously been inattentive of their products.

Looks like Samsung is at again, first with their female-oriented Galaxy Note versions and now with hot pink, Galaxy S II! This stunning phone was revealed in the Samsung booth of KES (Korea Electronic Show) 2011.

As you can see, the phone and home button bezels are now covered in chrome like the white version of the phone:

The camera also gets a makeover, losing its original black finish for a polished metal version:

The demand is definitely there–take a look at all those pink cases out on the market. I must admit, I do prefer more of a pastel pink versus the dark, almost magenta-ish color we see here. What do you guys think?


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