Hidden Tip: Samsung Galaxy S II LCD TEST mode

Posted on Sep 29 2011 - 5:41pm by Brian

You guys may remember our article on the developer testing codes that you can input into your Galaxy S to perform numerous functions. I recently stumbled upon another interesting testing code; this one is designed to test your Gaalxy S II’s touch screen parameters.

To access the LCD testing menu, simply go to your phone app and dial in *#0*#. The first five options test your color performance by displaying a screen with the selected color—black also activates the phones vibration (at what feels like full strength).

The Dimming test shows a screen with block of red, green and blue, each with a gradient to black. By touching the screen you can change the brightness from max to min, thus testing the dimming ability of the display.

The Megacam and Front cam tests activate the rear and front-facing cameras respectively, allowing you to take test images without saving the captures.

The Sensor test shows the raw data the all the sensors are receiving. If you cover the proximity sensor (used for dimming the screen when on a phone call) the phone will vibrate and the screen will turn green. There are a few individual test settings as well but I found the gyroscope graph especially fun to play with:

The touch test tests the efficacy of the capacitive display including the default Android buttons. The first part tests the sensitivity of the touch keys, and the second part asks you to trace a path through a grid to test the screens tracking accuracy.

The sleepmode test simply puts the phone to sleep, with which you can wake it from with the power button. the Sub key test tests whether or not the touch key buttons are working at all.

If one day you find that you touch screen becomes finicky and you aren’t quite sure if its the phone or an app, try using the LCD test mode. I hope you found this interesting if not helpful! For more tips, visit our tips, reviews and how-to archives.

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  1. samantha January 31, 2013 at 7:53 am -

    LCD testing menu (dial *#o*#)

  2. samantha January 31, 2013 at 7:49 am -

    my samsung galaxy s2
    model -GT19100
    Baseband version-19100XXLQ6

    in LCD test , dimming is not working please help me to fix this issue

    from sri anka

  3. Honu March 21, 2012 at 7:44 am -

    The title got a problem, the SGSII got an oled screen not an lcd screen… you should verify your infos before posting

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