Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: First Look and Unboxing

Posted on Jun 22 2011 - 6:21pm by Brian

Guess who I just scored an exclusive dream date with. What? No, I wish it was Natalie Portman. But this is a close second:

I wish the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Ms. Portman would switch places

If you didn’t figure it out by now, yes—that is Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 that I’m holding in my hand: isn’t she beautiful? Take a gander at our unboxing of the ultra sleek tablet:


Like the minute you open your eyes on Christmas morning, news of the Tab’s arrival sprung me out of my seat and got my heart racing. As I peeled away FedEx’s lovely gift wrapping, I could hear the sounds of angels singing and a single beam of light pierce through the overcast skies to reveal the package’s contents. I feasted my eyes on the white box that contained this treasure;

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Captain’s Log: Exit Hyperspace, enter Brian’s hands

As soon as you pick the Tab 10.1 up in your hands you will appreciate its build quality. You would think that a tablet this thin would be prone to flexing but after lightly torqueing the device in my hands I felt very little give and no creaking; the seams are all solid and well aligned. Although the entirety of the outer casing is plastic, it certainly feels more at home being called polymer-like rather than plasticky. The front glass is big and clear but picks up fingerprints quite readily:

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: The $500 Mirror

Although the front looks quite glossy in the picture above, Samsung’s Super PLS LCD panel offers great contrast, brightness and viewing angles. The height difference between the glass and the display felt very minimal.

Kate Moss would be proud

The back of the Tab is plain and simple: camera and flash in the top bezel, white polymer shell elsewhere. Unlike its aluminum counterparts, plastic is scratch and mar resistant, dent proof and lighter in weight.

For the record, carbon fiber skins for the rear panel is MY idea

Unlike just about everything else they’ve sold, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 will not have any TouchWiz software. Plain old Honeycomb 3.1, with the addition of Samsung’s keyboard; a welcome upgrade to Android’s relatively low contrast option (the keys are dark grey/black):

Next episode on the Tabchelorette: Brian and Tab’s romantic getaway to CareAce Testing headquarters.


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