How to copy or move photos from phone to my storage card?

Posted on Dec 1 2010 - 1:08pm by Hansoo

You know that most of Samsung Android phones have 1G ~ 16G built-in internal memory.  It is set to save pictures and videos you take in the internal memory unless you change the setting at Camera > setting > stroage Phone ==> memory card.

You can also use this way to copy or move photos from your phone memory to storage card.

  1. Press the Home Key 
  2. Tap on Applications 
  3. Tap on My Files which has similar features as ASTRO File Manager
  4. Tap on DCIM where photos and videos stored
  5. Note: All video files will have video in the file name and have .3gp extensions by default.

    Note: All image files will have .jpg extensions by default.

  6. Tap on Camera
  7. Tip: If all photos stored in the Camera folder wish to be transfered, tap and hold on the Camera folder to bring up the options as in step 6.

  8. Find the file destined to be moved, tap and hold on the item
  9. Tap on Move
  10. Scroll down and tap on sd
  11. Tap on Move here

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