More Nexus S pictures leak plus a possible Samsung model number [UPDATED with possible release date]

Posted on Nov 15 2010 - 4:52pm by P.Schmitz

So Engadget has gotten its hands on even more details today after scouring photo sharing sites for pictures taken with the rumored device.  They discovered 2 things through this search: 5 megapixel pictures and a model number of GT-I9020.  The model number led them to the image from the FCC Database as shown above.  The devices has Wi-Fi b/g/n/ on-board in addition to an AWS 3G radio which lines up with the rumor that its going to T-Mobile.

After posting that news they received some Hi-Res pictures of the device which can be seen in the gallery below.  All we have to do now is sit patiently and wait for Google and Samsung to announce this device.  This might be sooner rather than later since AndroidCentral thinks Google will announce Gingerbread today!

**UPDATE: So it looks like the Twitter user @anrblog persuaded a Best Buy employee to let them have a look at their internal screens which revealed that the Nexus S is getting a promotional display and live unit on November 14th.  The screenshot doesn’t say Best Buy anywhere on the screen, but AndroidCentral seems to have checked with their Best Buy rep and they say “we can’t confirm but it certainly looks to be in order”. As always get some Morton’s dashed all over this before swallowing and check out the screenshot below.

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