Secret developer/testing codes for your Galaxy S device.

Posted on Oct 13 2010 - 6:57pm by P.Schmitz

WARNING:  CareAce takes no responsibility should any of these codes void your warranty or break your device, input them at your own risk.

While some of you may know of these codes courtesy of Android Central’s Forums or the XDA forums, they provide shortcuts and doors into an Android more customizable than ever before.  By activating test mode on your device (instructions for that can be found here) you can now have access to crazy amounts of hidden menus that Google engineers and testers use.  These hidden menus can adjust everything from sidetone, to turning off the pop-up when your battery is fully charged, turning off the sound when adjusting volume, and much much more.  The list comes courtesy of egg_head and Cory Streater on the Android Central Forums.  I copied and pasted the information below for your viewing pleasure, but make sure to check back to that forum post often to see if any new ones pop up or to ask questions.  There is also a Samsung Mobile Code lists via SAMFirmware that you can find here containing countless codes for non-Android Samsung devices, enjoy!

Audio Tuning
Several audio tuning menus.
I’ve only tested the two items below:

  • To silence boot and shutdown audio go to Situation/BOOTSOUND and turn the values to 0. I’ve tested and confirmed this works.
  • To silence the volume key audio when turning the volume up/down go to Situation/VOLUMEKEY and turn the values to 0. I’ve tested and confirmed this works.

Full Bat Popup
This allows you to disable the full battery pop-up.
I have tested this and it works successfully.

Audio path volume controls. Most importantly, it looks like there’s a sidetone adjustment.
I have not tested any of these items yet.

This enables you to shut your phone off by long-pressing the power/lock key.
No more pop-up confirmation.
I have tested this and it works successfully.
I’ve also discovered by doing this, it will disable the puzzle/glass unlock screen.
Personally, having to push a button and slide the screen is redundant.
I like the one-step process.

Diag/Testing Mode

GPS Setup


Very useful tests for the GPS!!!

Setup/Position Mode/ Operation Mode: (Standalone/MSAssisted/MSBased) Starting Mode: (Cold Start/Warm Start/Hot Start) Session Type: (Single Fix/Navigation) Setup/Command allows you to test the GPS and look at the results
Phone information/Battery information/Battery history/Usage statistics
Very useful diagnostics
LCD Test
Very useful tests for the LCD

Real Time Network (RTN)
Lots of useful information, like the Life timer / calls and Life Byte usage stats

Data Create

Call log/System Space/User Space/Phone Book/Schedule/Message/Ring tone/Screen/IMEI/ESN/Error log
Very useful information!!!

Battery Status

Very useful real-time battery statistics!

Phone Utility – UART/USB

##UPST# – PhoneUtil – UART/USB
Universal Asychronous Receiver/Transmitter / Universal Serial Bus
Most likely controls how you connect technician testing equipment to test out the UART/USB subsystems

Data Programming

##DATA#  (Verizon customers: whenever prompted for SPC enter 000000)
User Name/Advanced/Restore/Enable HFA/DSA Server/MMSC/URL/Multimedia/WorkMode/WiMAX

Debug Menu

##DEBUG# (Verizon customers: whenever prompted for SPC enter 000000)
Debug Screen/Test Calls/RC Data/HDR/1X Selection/Voice Privacy/DTMF Set/Korea Mode Set

Data A Key Menu

##AKEY#  (Verizon customers: whenever prompted for SPC enter 000000)

Change MDN or MSID

##<MSL># – (Verizon customers: whenever prompted for SPC enter 000000)
Program your Mobile Device Number(MDN) and Mobile Station ID(MSID)

Reset the GPS

##GPSCLRX#  (Verizon customers: whenever prompted for SPC enter 000000)

Changes DSA back to Factory Settings

##SCRTN# (Verizon customers: whenever prompted for SPC enter 000000)

TTY Test Mode

##TTY# – TTY TestMode

Device Vibration Test

*#0842# – Device Test – Vibration Test

Device Melody Test

*#0673# – MelodyTest

Factory Data Reset

*#7780# – Factory data reset

Bluetooth Tets

*#232331# – BluetoothTest

Touchscreen Accuracy Test

*#2664# – Touchscreen Accuracy Test
Nice if you want to see how accurate your touchscreen is

Service Mode

Need to hit home to get out – I couldn’t get this to do anything but it could be the data packet that you sent coming back to you on the loopback device

Factory Format

*#767*3855#    WARNING!!!
Will go to Hands Free Activation
Nice if you’d like to reactivate your phone, it will do so automatically

Service Mode

*#197328640# (Menu key to bring up menu) – WARNING!!!
Will turn off your radio – Not sure what this does

Service Mode #2

*#0011# (Menu key to bring up menu)
Will turn on your radio, and then reboot

Service Mode #3

*#32489# (Menu key to bring up menu)
Doesn’t seem to affect the radio

Service Mode #4

*#2580# (Not sure what this does)

Display Date and Time



*#745# (Has the LogFileList)
Copy to phone memory/Copy to SD card(grayed out)/View Ril Log(grayed out)/Clear Ril Log/Exit
Probably dumps the logs for the Radio Interface Layer (RIL) between the Operating System and the phone’s radio and modem
I haven’t tested a dump yet

System Dump

copy logcat/dumpstate/dumpsys/enable debug log/copy/watchdogdumpstatelog
Probably dumps the logs for the Operating System kernel
I haven’t tested a dump yet

Wherever instructed to enter an SPC code, dial 000000. This differs from Sprint customers who have to enter an MSL code, which you have to get from a Sprint technician or Customer Care Rep.

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